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A comprehensive approach to wellbeing through a variety of practices

Discover the benefits of a wellness break, with access to different methods of relaxation, Tai Chi Chuan, creativity.

BODY-SHAPING: Massages with specific essential oils. This session helps to relieve tension from the body. It promotes a feeling of wellbeing, reshaping your breathing patterns and releasing your 'subconscious' defence barriers, allowing one to reunite oneself.

2 people minimum. Basic relationship massage techniques over a day or a half-day.

Korean relaxation - done on the floor, through a variety of stretches, vibrations and rotations of the entire body. Seated Relaxation - it is practised on a specifically dedicated chair and provides a profound feeling of relaxation. Duration 20 minutes. A first approach to Sole reflexology. Relaxation of the entire body. Thai relaxation, on the floor. Loose clothing recommended.

A session allowing us to recharge our vital centres, it helps dissolve our tensions, release stress and stimulates the healing process.

electro drainage and electro puncture drainage of the meridians, stimulating Chinese acupressure points of the face, with the effect of restructuring and strengthening the tissues. Results visible from the very first session. Fights wrinkles, puffiness around the eyes, double chin, hair loss, loosening of the neck's soft tissues.

antiageing treatment - ageLOC. This treatment is performed with a Galvanic Spa System, with several nodes. I use a range of innovative products. These powerful products target the sources of visible signs of ageing; they smooth your lines and fine wrinkles, rejuvenate and revitalise your complexion.

Practitioner Véronique Durouge: certified in Relational Massages and an Energitician since 2000. Trained in several methods: Californian massages, Swedish massages, Thai massages, Seated massages, Korean relaxation, Sole reflexology, Facial gymnastics for face care.

Treatments are dispensed with total respect and in full confidentiality. They are designed to complement, not replace, regular medical care.

"Other stays can be arranged upon reservation"

RELAXATION COURSES: accessible and efficient tools to reduce fatigue and physical, mental or emotional tension.
Putting oneself in the right conditions to be present in one's body, to refocus, and bring our vital energy back to the fore.
Revitalise your nervous system and body, live more serenely and in better health in order to enjoy heightened self-awareness.
Practitioner Christine Jeannin, a Relaxologue since 2003, trained in relationship counselling, offers individual or group sessions. The courses take place at l'Ormeraie - Tel: 06 74 64 63 45 (Véronique)
Duration from 1 to 3 hours, by prior appointment/booking. Tel: 06 74 14 97 52 (Christine)
TAI CHI CHUAN & BOZENDO: 'The Art of Movement', training in relaxation and breathing; this develops the unity of each individual and their self-presence. Discover BOZENDO, the art of the stick. Tai Chi - Bozendo is, beyond simply a Chinese gymnastics practice, a teaching.
Groups of 6 to 10 people Tai Chi Chuan and also clay modelling workshops (with prior reservation)
Residential or half-day workshops.
Guy Leriche - painter and sculptor since 1970, and Tai Chi Chuan practitioner since 1980 Tel: 06 78 44 24 73 

We also offer other therapists the opportunity to book l'Ormeraie for their own courses. In addition there is a spacious room that can be booked for seminars on a daily basis.